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Time Flies When You are Growing Up

We cannot really stop the flow of time doesn’t it. 😉

Our dear Tiffany Hwang is having a birthday today. 😀 and we are all happy

for her. (Of course we are!)

Didn’t you notice that her physical appearance change, because people change when time goes by, but not everything changed she left us in her face the Eye-Smiles of her beauty. Still her emotions and feelings hasn’t change, she still cares for us and also to the members, and she has reliable friends which is the other members – Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Sunny, and Seohyun and of course, us too. 😀

 Tiffany is one of the charming, adorable, cute, Eye-Smiles girl in the Snsd. Remember when she was still a kid, then became a teenager, now she is a young adult,  Well who knows that she will become a part of the Snsd along with the other members, it was all planned by fate. Tiffany is really a kind lady you can see it right through her eyes and smiles, she cared for others, and determined to work hard.

We are really proud for every success that came to her life, and we wish her all the best. Now here we are celebrating the birthday of Tiffany Hwang but not alone, but along with the whole world.

Every Greetings Are Special So As The Days That We Wake Up To See Them And Celebrate.

A birthday greetings to Tiffany Hwang from the ones that can read this and of course from me too. haha 😀

Happy Birthday Tiffany Hwang! Wishing you all the best, always and forever.

A very meaningful story (For me :D)



Every Moments Are Special

This is a bit weird but meaningful story of mine.

For the upcoming anniversary.

A guy like me isn’t really acceptable in the public, because of how the way I act in public, It feels like I was hated by everybody and I was always alone. When I was still a kid, some students teases me and I felt like I was loosing hope, I was trying to forget it, but it seems it can’t be removed from my memories. I was trying hard for everyone to accept me, but I guess  i’m not good enough, comparing me to other people. I always feel that no one really cares about me and no one will have the courage to make me complete. Then when I got to 4th year highschool (Which is now I am.) here in the Philippines, I saw for the first time the Snsd in our cabled Tv (by the way cabled tv means it has international channels or programs here in the Philippines.) which the program was TVN.

I didn’t really have feelings for them at that time, but by the time flows I began knowing them. Time to time, thinking that someone will walk into my life and make me realize that I don’t need to be alone. My life was really hard and it wasn’t easy for me to handle, Until I lost trust to everyone, because it seems that I can’t really be accepted, My heart was filled with darkness (Sounds Epic doesn’t it.) I focused on my studies and I ignored everybody. Then when the time came that someone will walk into my life, I didn’t know that it was the Snsd, they really helped me in giving me inspiration to work harder, well it wasn’t easy but I felt lightly and by time I was accepted by my friends, classmates, parents, and family. Thanks to all of them.

  I gotten really a big fan of them. I was searching for a website of  fan page of the Snsd, Luckily I found the SnsdKorean website, “They are really updated here” as I said to myself when I started updating things in this website. I was really imagining things that I know them somehow and I felt close to them, well you could say it is a crap, but for me it felt real and meaningful to me. Shouting to the sky, wondering if they are ok, wishing that I can see them someday (Well I am still hoping that day will come.) In time I found myself that I became a changed man inside me, It almost made me cry and I was like shouting or saying “thank you Snsd!” then now I’m trying my best in my studies more and also to see them someday. Because of the Snsdkorean webpage we were all connected to each other around the world. If I go to their concert, I know that I might not be notice by the 9 adorable girls because I am not the only fan in the world, but all I need is to see them and feel proud for them. Now I realize it just earlier this morning that it wasn’t me that brought me in this state but it was fate, brought me to know the Snsd. Im proud to be their fan and I’m proud of them not just as a fan but also as a person who believes in them. Snsdkorean thank you very much and especially to it’s always updated and loyal staffs. May your anniversary be a success. Advance happy anniversary SnsdKorean and wishing the best in all of you.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.

Thanks to Snsd that I realized that I don’t need to be alone, because if you still exist in this world then someone still cares about you. 🙂

Truly Yours