Snsd, Through The Years . . .

First of all, I would like to thank them for giving me inspiration to do this article and also to other sones. 😀

Let us retrace back into their lives once again and find it why they became successful in life. Sones like us didn’t existed yet when the Snsd wasn’t created and it hasn’t existed yet. They started their lives in different countries, different language, and different time but in time chance have been granted to them and they were brought together by fate and formed as the Snsd. I am really grateful they existed in my life.

Now let us go back to where it really started. The Snsd was formed in year 2007-2008 which they first performed the MV of “Into the new world” which became a big hit to everyone. “Into the new world” is one of the songs in their first album Girls’ Generation and this MV or the song was released on august 2, 2007. As you can see in this video, this was their first achievement in their career,  it’s like your reaction will be at first is “Who are these girls?” but time passed by, probably your saying is “I’m proud to be a Sone!” (Isn’t it right :D)

(You can really be inspired by this song and it makes you feel determined to go on with your lives. :D)

Year 2009 when they started to make an album again which is ‘The First Mini Album’ .  “Gee Gee Gee baby baby” this line always gets into our minds, unknowingly singing it, haha 😀 it became popular on every sone in the world (also on youtube) and because of this song they have won not just 1 but 9 consecutive wins! woah! 🙂 Gee they are really good performers, of course! 

This second video is ‘Genie’ (Of course we all know of it ;)) after just a short break for their ‘first mini album’ they came back to us with their another album called “Tell me your wish (Genie)” and this became popular and a phenomenal hit to everyone until now, in no time it became No. 1 on weekly charts. More and more success came to their lives.

(Only one thing that I will wish on a Genie (if I saw one), I would wish that I won’t forget them forever.)

Year 2010,  We never left them alone and still we supported them from time to time. This was the year of ‘Oh!’ which the album was released on January 28, 2010. The girls won 5 consecutive wins on Music Bank, Wow! they kept on winning, really proud of the girls. As you can see on the video of  “oh!” they changed a bit, but left us with their heart. (So Epic ;)) this song was one of the most viewed video on YouTube in Korea and made it to top 10 in Japan and Taiwan. (So Cool! ;))

(See that in the last part, it is the teaser for the “Run Devil Run”)

Now “Run Devil Run” is a song created in year 2010 too, It was dubbed as “Black Soshi”. Years past by, they are still known worldwide and it became as a trending topic in other social networking sites. Once we hear it we can never erase it in our minds, singing it without noticing. 😉

(In the end we will know why they are succeeding in life :D)

This was also the year when they started to debut Japanese songs Like “Genie” Japanese version of it and also the japanese version of “Gee”. The songs were able to pleased japanese sones and it became popular in Japan and made it to the top of Japan’s billboard.

For their last album in 2010, This was “Hoot” this was released on october 27,2010. “Hoot” didn’t take long and it raised to the top of weekly charts and No. 1 spotted in music shows. By the way “Hoot” was also played in my country which is Philippines, I saw it on a show on our television it is called “Myx” it shows weekly top songs all over the world. Now this video hit a 14,548,186 viewers on YouTube! So Big! 😀

(Hoot, Hoot, Hoot ;))

Now for the long awaited 2011!  Today’s year.  The music video for “Visual Dreams” was released on January 17, 2011, this was a part of their endorsement for ‘Intel’s Core Processors’ in asia.

Now for their first original Japanese song “Mr. Taxi” and the remake of the song “Run Devil Run” from Korean to Japanese version of it. “Mr. Taxi” went up high on Japanese ears and became as No. 1 on their charts of weekly songs and other shows, Not just that but they also received an award which is “Artist of the Year ” and a popularity award and a Hallyu award (By the way Hallyu means “Korean Wave”) awards kept on coming! Yey! 😀

(Mr. Taxi Taxi Taxi . . . Really comes to my mind when I remember about it :))

Now because of their music, they had been known all over the world and they were invited to Paris, a country which are all European. Along with other K-pop groups, they performed their best for the french sones.

(Tell me your wish, I think their wish to see them has just been granted ;))

(This song really makes my day! :D)

and many more songs.

This video is in Japan, after the concert in Paris they head back to Korea then to Japan and performed at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan (VMAJ) it was a stroke of fate and hope that even though they were really tired, but winning “Best Group Video” and “Best Karaokee! Song” for the Japanese version of Genie was all worth it. In that time I became proud of them more and more (I am always proud of them, right from the start when I became a Sone.)

Their concert tour in Japan was really a success for us sones, staffs, and also for the Snsd. All of their hard work was repaid by our love and support we gave to them. Even though today that Japan tour is over, still their love for Japan sones hasn’t changed and they will forever remember the name “Snsd“. 

(This was the last stop for their concert tour in Japan, They really gave their best from the beginning. Snsd Forever! :D)

Now they’re back to Korea and Performed Mr. Taxi in KOREAN ver.! 😀

Today they are still busy and working, but their success in life was really because they strive hard for it, not alone but along with all the members and us sones. I am really glad that fate brought me here to write this article, I almost give up in my difficult times but Snsd came to cheer up my life and made me more inspired.

Even years has already passed, they will still be our Girls’ Generation! 😀

Always and Forever.



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